Admissions and Applications

University of California Applications

UC application on-line (For all UC campuses)

Be sure to have your transcript, test scores, and list of University of California approved courses handy when you fill out your application. Use this list to determine which course you should report on your application.  List only courses which have a “P” next to them on your transcript.  If you received a grade of “D” or “F” and then retook the course, you MUST list the course twice, including both grades.  However, the UC’s will only count the higher grade when calculating your GPA.

Course names should reflect your transcript and the list of courses. You can save your application with a password and return to it at a later date. Make sure that you ask your College Advisor to review your application and essay before you press send!

The prompts for the UC application can be found at UC_Personal_Insight.

This application opens in August, and must be filed between November 1 and November 30

California State University Applications

CSU application on-line (For all Cal State Campuses, AKA CSUMentor) You will need your transcript and test scores to fill out this application.

Remember: only courses taken after ninth grade are used in the GPA.  List only courses with a “P” next to them on the transcript.  If you received a grade of “D” or “F” and then retook the course, list only the course in which you received the higher grade.

This priority application period is October 1 to November 30. Some Cal States will accept a later application, but play it safe and apply during the priority application period.

Online Admission Applications

Applications are usually filled out online, though they can still be done by mail instead at most (but not all) schools.   Whatever method you use, first fill out a scrap copy, print out the on-line form, or print a copy of what you are working on at your desktop and bring that in to your College Counselor for review! Also, keep a copy in your files.

The Common Application Download a copy of the Common Application, a single application form that can be photocopied and used for over 300 selective colleges and universities, or apply directly online. Remember, many of these colleges will also have supplements.

Princeton Review: Princeton Review’s web site has online applications for many colleges. You’ll find that they also have lots of great advice. Sign on with a user id and password and only fill out the details of your life one time; the system will fill in each application with your information.


Concurrent Enrollment at Berkeley City College


1. Talk to your Counselor or Advisor

Tell them you’re interested in a class at BCC!

Figure out:
– What class is the right fit for you?
– Do you get college transfer units for them?
– Does the class work with your schedule?

What you CAN’T do with concurrent enrollment:
– Replace a failed grade
– Take classes during the BHS school day
– Remedial work (courses with the number 250+ like Math 253)

Ask for a Concurrent Enrollment Form!

2. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Step 2

Get the form: Here

3. Complete the online Step 3

Get the application: CCCApply


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