Summer programs: Medicina, Ivy League, & College Prep

A summer in the Ivy League

Ranked among the top universities in the world, the University of Pennsylvania is home to one of our most academically engaging programs. Students complete scientific research, learn innovative techniques in and outside of the lab, and read and discuss scientific literature.

Nuestro 6 week program allows students to take college credit courses with Penn undergraduates in a variety of disciplines and receive an official transcript from the University of Pennsylvania.

Penn College Credit Program
Nuestro 3 week program gives students the opportunity to explore a topic in depth through lectures, discussions, lab work, and/or site visits. Choose between these great options:

Social Justice Research Academy
Biomedical Research Academy
Experimental Physics Research Academy
Chemistry Research Academy
Neuroscience Research Academy
Penn Law Pre-College Academy
Have a student interested in a summer at Penn? Give us a call at 516.621.3939 or email us.
Options in Medicine

Medicine Institute @ UT Austin (3 semana)
Sports Medicine Institute @ UT Austin (3 semana)
Psychology Institute @ UT Austin (3 semana)
The Brain STEM Academy @ CU-Boulder (3 semana)
Biomedical Research Academy @ Penn (3 semana)
Neuroscience Research Academy @ Penn (3 semana)
Medical Internships @ Discovery Internships – New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Boulder, London (4 semana)
Looking for the perfect high school summer program? Give us a call at 516.621.3939 or email us.
Collegewise Admissions Prep

Summer Discovery partnered with Collegewise, the nation’s largest college counseling organization, to create a comprehensive program to help students navigate the college admissions process.

During this 2 week program, students learn how to research and compile a best-fit college list, write compelling essays, and present activities, academics, and accomplishments that will leave an impression on admissions officers. The program is taught exclusively by former admissions directors from top American universities that have experience in the world of college admissions.

Space is still available at our UCLA and Emerson College, Boston Collegewise Admissions Prep programs. Apply today!

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