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Information Nights

Fall Information Night
Berkeley High’s Fall Information Night for Incoming 9th grade families is scheduled for 星期三, 十一月 14, 2018, 在位于BHS校园柏克莱社区剧院. The event will start in the lobby with a variety of information tables at 6:00, the formal presentation will begin promptly at 7:00. 虽然我们欢迎大家, the evening will be of particular interest to those who are new to the Berkeley Unified School District. Students are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

There is no longer a learning community lottery process for incoming 9th grade students. All 9th grade students at Berkeley High School now participate in the “Universal 9th Grade” 计划. More information on the 9th grade program is available here.

There will not be an additional information night in February as in prior years. Registration for Berkeley High School begins with the Fall Information Night on Nov. 14 and registration in December (见下文).

BHS eTree

The eTree is an essential source of information about orientation, registration, 学校活动, 体育, 学生每日头条, 学院顾问的公告, messages from the Principal, 志愿机会, 多. Please watch for postings with the subject line: 传入家庭. To subscribe to the BHS eTree, send an email to bhs-request@lmi.net with the word 订阅 in the subject line.


NEW to BUSD Students:
Students must first enroll in the district through BUSD through the BUSD Admissions Office at 2020 Bonar to be able to submit course requests. For enrollment in the 2019-2020 学年, please refer to Step 1 below.

Continuing BUSD Students:
Current BUSD 8 grade students must re-enroll through the BUSD Admissions Office at 2020 Bonar to be able to submit course requests. 这个过程只有伯克利居民. 关于区际转移的信息可以从招生办公室索取 510-644-6504.

Students Entering Grades 10-12:
BHS的选择手册 让您为学生作出了伯克利高中的六个学习社区范围的可能性. 这 BHS的学校简介 2014-15 也给我们的综合高中和学生成功的快照. 在这里你还可以找到,en 课程目录手册 为 2018-19.

步骤 1: Enrollment with the Admissions Office

Enrollment is required for ALL incoming students, including current BUSD 8th Grade students and new-to-BUSD students.

Enrollment dates for Fall 2019:

Parent preference forms and registration packets will be mailed home to current BUSD students on November 1st.

December 3rdDecember 21st, 2018: High School Enrollment from 8am-4pm at the Berkeley Unified District Building at 2020 博纳街.

(注意: The Admissions Office will be open on 星期六, December 15th 9am-3pm.)

High School Enrollment will not open up again until March 26th.

Enrollment location:
The requested documents must be submitted in person by parents or legal guardians to the BUSD Admissions Office at 2020 Bonar St., 以下 108.

Registration packet:
We advise you to complete your packet before you come to BUSD offices.

  • Continuing BUSD families: Registration packets will be mailed out to families of current BUSD families on November 1st, 2018.
  • New-to-BUSD families: Registration packets can be picked up at the BHS front desk starting December 1st, 2018, if you would like to fill this out prior to going to the district office.

You may also pick up a copy at the BUSD Admissions Office when you come to enroll your student. 请计划花费 30 至 45 minutes completing the registration packet if you do not fill out the packet ahead of time. You will need to include name/phone numbers/addresses for doctors, dentist, and emergency contact information.

Enrollment documentation:
Please bring the completed registration packet and documents listed below when you come to the district office, so we can make copies at the time of enrollment.

Required Documents for New to BUSD students:

  1. Parent Preference Form: 英语 | Español
  2. Student’s original birth certificate
  3. Parent’s original, valid governmental picture identification card (CA ID, or CA DL)
  4. Declaration of Residency (BUSD form)
  5. Three proofs of Berkeley residency (见下文)
  6. 卫生保健提供者的免疫证明
  7. Student’s recent original report card or transcript

Required Documents for Continuing BUSD students:

  1. Parent Preference Form: 英语 | Español
  2. Student’s original birth certificate
  3. Parent’s original, valid governmental picture identification card (CA ID, or CA DL)
  4. Declaration of Residency (BUSD form)
  5. Three proofs of Berkeley residency (见下文)
  6. Emergency card and parent information card to be filled out at time of re-registration

All documents must be current originals (issued within the last 2 个月) imprinted with the name and current Berkeley residential address of the parent/legal guardian. A student can use only one residency address for purposes of establishing Berkeley residency.

Proofs of Berkeley Residency
Proof of Berkeley residency is required for ALL incoming 9th Grade Students, including current BUSD 8th Grade students and new-to-BUSD students.

Only personal accounts will be accepted (No care of, DBA or Business accounts). Must submit one from each of the three groups (一, B and C) listed below.

Homeless families should contact our McKinney-Vento Counselor, 644-6529.

Enrollment deadlines:
The first deadline for new to BUSD students for continuing BUSD students to have their enrollment and re-matriculation completed is December 21, 2018 (see above noted December enrollment dates). If you miss the December deadline, you must enroll and/or re-enroll when enrollment reopens on March 26, 2019 by visiting the BUSD Admissions Office from 8am-4pm. Students who are admitted into the district in March will be in the second round of course selection and enrollment.

Admission is complete when you have provided the appropriate documents and submitted a completed registration packet.

步骤 2: BHS Registration and Course/Lottery Selection

Continuing BUSD Students:
There will be a parent meeting at your child’s middle school from 6:00 至 7:00p.m in February or March, dates to be determined. Please make sure you are receiving your middle school etree messages so you have the updated dates, times, and locations. 这些会议将通过行李处理系统管理员进行,对于家长BUSD中学只. 会有一个同时的西班牙语会话相同的信息. 在校期间的几天后,家长会, BHS counselors will go to the middle schools to gather course requests from students via an online form. BHS will mail home the student selections for final review and families/guardians will have one week to request changes by hardcopy to BHS. Students entering the 9th grade need only make choices for their 2 electives. ALL 9th grade students will be part of the Universal 9th grade houses. More information about the 9th grade program at Berkeley High can be found here: Berkeley High Universal 9th Grade.

NEW-to-BUSD Students:
New-to-BUSD students who have completed the admission process by the January deadline can make course requests in the BHS Library on specified evenings in February or March of 2019. Please check back later for specific dates. 这一过程将至少需要 1.5 小时.

如果你不能让你指定的夜晚, 我们将可容纳三节之一, 但请尝试在您规定的时间参加. Students will have their choices mailed to them for verification and will have one week to request any changes by hard copy to BHS.

Students Entering Grades 10-12:
伯克利高分为5个学习型社区. 两个大: AC和BIHS的. 三是规模较小: 果酸, AMPS的, 和CAS. 分配是由彩票,但学生可能表明优先. Incoming 10-12th grade students will have an opportunity to list their preferences in the spring when they sign up for classes. 所有学生的请求将被批准给他们的父母/监护人邮寄到家.

你的孩子可能列出多达五或尽可能少的两个学习型社区. 学生必须列出交流和BIHS, 两个大计划, 他们喜欢的顺序. 如果学生只想要AC或BIHS的然后他/她只列出这两个.

如果他/她想要一个较小的学习社区 (AMPS的, 果酸, 或CAS) 他/她列出所需的小型学校, 首选顺序, 然后完成了与AC和BIHS, 首选顺序. 学生可以列出一个的小其次由AC和BIHS的社区; 两个更小的社区之后由AC和BIHS; 或三个更小的社区, 由AC和BIHS随后.


如果你错过了彩票,注册春末或夏季, 你将进入第二或第三彩票. 还没有最终切断报名日期为伯克利分校高中. 当你已经建立住院医师, 请到 2020 博纳街开始注册和入读高中的过程.


运行“巡回赛季”准学生从10月至3月. 小旅行团离开前台 9:30 a.m. 周二至周五和 10:45 星期一. 旅游预订只持续了一个多小时一点. The tours walk by classrooms – many of which have open doors – but they do not go into rooms for observation. 游览不是“方向游。”有我们新生的学生为主导的旅游在八月在登记/方向. 欢迎未来的学生对学校的一日游,但如果他们的父母或监护人陪同.

旅游是只保留. 签署, 请发送电子邮件至 bhsoutreach@berkeley.net. 请注明你和一些人在你的队伍的几天.

很多人问他们是否可以访问伯克利高自己或他们的学生,如果可能的“影子”当前学生. 这是不可能的. 我们目前在校学生的安全教育和重点学校. 我们简直太大的学校,以适应无人监督的游客.

如果你有任何问题,关于这个过程, 请联系丽莎Sibony, BHS志愿者协调员, 在 lisasibony@berkeley.net.


Berkeley High offers four world languages: 西班牙人, 法国人, 普通话和拉丁美洲.

If you are to Berkeley Unified School District and want to be in a language class above level 1, you will need to take the language placement exam.

If you are currently enrolled in BUSD and want to SKIP level 2 (3/4), you should also come to take the placement test.

This year the exam will be offered in April or May, 2019. 考试将在M楼的二楼给 – 位于关Milvia上述钱宁. You do not need to sign up ahead of time, just come on time. Some students finish the exam in 45 minutes and others need 90 分钟, so it is difficult to say how long the exam will last. If you cannot attend the April session, there will be a make-up placement test in August 2019 (exact dates to be determined).

There is no language placement test for students who enroll in the beginning level of any of the four languages. 配售为朗费罗, 王, 威拉德目前学习法语或西班牙语的学生,将取决于他们目前的老师.

Please contact Beatriz Ferrer-Castro beatrizferrercastr@berkeley.net with any questions.

大部分学生将被放置在数学 1, 课程涵盖代数, 几何, 概率统计. 有些学生可能考到数学的加速版本 1. Math placement testing for students interested in placing into Advanced Math 1 will take place in the BHS library for all non-BUSD students. 当前BUSD学生将参加分班考试在他们中学,,en,测试将在春季,,en. Tests will take place in Spring 2018, exact dates to be determined.

Students do not need to register or to bring anything to the test except a pencil; calculators are not allowed. The test will take one hour. Placement results will be mailed home along with lottery assignments in mid to late May.

与IEPS学生家庭或,,en,预案需要住宿应该发送信息到,,en,周一,,en,如果他们没有这样做,,en 504 plans requiring accommodations should send info to feliciaphillips@berkeley.net

Information about when you will receive the results of these exams will be explained at the time of the test.


Freshmen Orientation:
新生训练将在八月 2019. 在方向的学生将满足管理员, 拿起他们的课表, 教科书, 图片编号, 和更衣室分配. 此外, there will be campus tours and an activity fair.

免费 & Reduced Lunch Information:
Apply here: www.ezmealapp.com
For more information about the Free & Reduced Lunch program, 点击这里.
For more information about Nutrition Services, 点击这里.

Athletics Registration:
参观 BHS Athletics page to register for a fall sport.

BHS Band and Orchestra:
参观 BHS BAO page for information.

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    十一月 16, 2018
    11:20 在 - 12:20 下午
    梦想家项目 (CCC认证)
    十一月 16, 2018
    3:30 下午 - 5:30 下午
    篮球: Boys Freshman Scrimmage vs Albany (远)
    开始: 9:00 在
    完: 十一月 17, 2018 - 9:00 在
    位置: 阿尔巴尼高中
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: 奥尔巴尼
    篮球: 男孩合资混战VS阿尔巴尼 (远)
    开始: 9:00 在
    完: 十一月 17, 2018 - 9:00 在
    位置: 阿尔巴尼高中
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: 奥尔巴尼
    篮球: 男孩队打混战VS阿尔巴尼 (远)
    开始: 11:00 在
    完: 十一月 17, 2018 - 11:00 在
    位置: 阿尔巴尼高中
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: 奥尔巴尼
    篮球: Boys JV Scrimmage vs Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (首页)
    开始: 7:00 下午
    完: 十一月 19, 2018 - 7:00 下午
    位置: 伯克利高 - 多纳休健身房
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
    十一月 20, 2018
    3:45 下午 - 5:00 下午
    篮球: Boys F/S Foundation Game vs El Camino (远)
    开始: 4:00 下午
    完: 十一月 20, 2018 - 4:00 下午
    位置: 高埃尔塞里托学校
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: El Camino
    篮球: Boys JV Foundation Game vs El Cerrito (远)
    开始: 5:30 下午
    完: 十一月 20, 2018 - 5:30 下午
    位置: 高埃尔塞里托学校
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: El Cerrito
    篮球: Boys Varsity Foundation Game vs El Cerrito (远)
    开始: 7:00 下午
    完: 十一月 20, 2018 - 7:00 下午
    位置: 高埃尔塞里托学校
    描述: 类型: nonconference Opponent: El Cerrito
    打开健身房篮球 (夹克健身房)
    十一月 21, 2018
    11:30 在 - 12:20 下午
    周五音乐 (Courtyard)
    十一月 23, 2018
    11:20 在 - 12:20 下午