Lead Guro: Colleen Simon-O’Neill and Glenn Wolkenfeld

Science Department Staff

Students in different learning communities may follow unique science progressions. Check the course progressions listed above and on the first page of each community’s section to see the progression. Course descriptions follow. In planning which science courses to take, students and parents need to understand the following criteria and basic terminology.
Please read the Course Descriptions and study each community’s Progress ion Chart carefully for specific information about each course, prerequisites and credits. The UC Office of the President requires the following: Two years (three years recommended) of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in two of these three foundational subjects: biology,
chemistry and physics. In order to graduate from BHS, a student must earn a “D” or better for two years of science: one year of a physical science and one year of a life science. Gayunman, most four-year colleges and universities require a minimum of two years of college-preparatory (P) laboratory science from two different areas, and many recommend three years.