Career Technical Education (CTE/ROP)

Career Technical Education Courses

CTE courses offered at Berkeley High School emphasize high growth, high wage careers in regional sectors. These courses, often A-G accredited, emphasize not only rigorous and relevant content, but career exploration built into the curriculum and experienced through internships and field visits.

Industry Sectors:

  • Health Science and Medical Technology
  • Public Service
  • Arts, Media, & Entertainment
  • Information Technology
  • Building Trades & Construction
  • Engineering & Manufacturing

CTE Courses:

  • Law and Social Justice


Regional Occupational Programs

La Contra Costa County Department of Education also collaborates with Berkeley HS to offer a number of courses with a focus on career preparation.

CTE/ROP is the Contra Costa County Office of Education’s career training program designed for high school juniors and seniors. The goal of CTE/ROP is to help students gain knowledge and skills for future careers.

In addition to the skills developed for specific fields, each class helps students develop a résumé, review effective interviewing techniques and identify sources of employment.

CTE/ROP is an excellent way to prepare for college. If students are uncertain about their college major or career choice, CTE/ROP provides an opportunity to explore a career field. Students use the skills they develop in CTE/ROP to gain higher paying part-time work to help pay for college expenses.

Internships and hands-on experience provide students the opportunity to “try-out” career choices before investing time and money in college or post-secondary training.

The following courses are currently being offered at Berkeley High School:

ROP Advanced Digital Photo
ROP Computer Science
ROP Art of Video Production
ROP Environmental Science
ROP Biotechnology
ROP Community Service Professions
ROP Fire Science

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    Février 19, 2019
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    Resume Workshop (pd. 4)
    Février 19, 2019
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    Février 20, 2019
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    Talent Show Auditions week 2 (Une-05)
    Février 20, 2019
    3:30 h - 5:00 h
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    Février 21, 2019
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    CCC D-221
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    Février 21, 2019
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    CCC D-221