Bart Ticket Information 2016-17

This program is for Berkeley High School Students only (13 to 18 years of age)

Tickets can only be used Monday through Friday for travel to and from home and school

related activities.

  •  Students can ride at a 50% discount, the face value of the ticket is $32.00 and sell for $16.00
  • The Student Discount Ticket has a last ride bonus feature (if a ticket has a remaining face value of $0.05, the students can ride to any station for $0.05 regardless of the actual fare
  • Tickets are ordered on-site through the BHS Parent Resource Center during the first week of every month. Ticket orders are then mailed to Bart and returned to BHS by FEDX no later than (6-8) BART working days. Students will be notified to pick up tickets through the school’s Daily Bulletin Announcements. All tickets ordered MUST be PICKED UP 3 days prior to new order date or tickets will be sold. Refunds will be given to students who did not pick up tickets.
  • Orders are taken at LUNCHTIME ONLY!  In room D-224, upstairs in the main Administration building (D Building).
  • Students may purchase up to 4 tickets per month during the posted order dates.  Please see future order dates below, all sales are CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS!!
  • Don’t Lose your Ticket! The Parent Center nor Bart will replace LOST OR Stolen tickets
  • Keep your ticket safe by using the Bart ticket jacket holder given to you when you pick up your tickets. Keep tickets away from magnets, irons, keys, water and washing machines.
  • If ticket doesn’t work or get demagnetized students can take tickets to the Bart Customer Service Center at the Lake Merritt Station and get an exchanged ticket. REMEMBER THAT THE TICKET IS HALF PRICE therefore, in order to exchange a used ticket; you must pay any difference between the cash value of the old ticket and $16.00.  If you prefer to have a check sent to you for the cash value of the ticket, send the damaged ticket to: BART – Refunds, 300 Lakeside Drive-LKS22, Oakland, Ca 94612.

2016-2017 Bart ticket order dates:


Sept 7th and 8th

Oct -5th and 6th

Nov- 2nd and 3rd

Dec- 7th and 8th

Jan- 4th and 5th

Feb- 1st and 2nd

Mar- 1st and 2nd

Apr- 12th and 13th

May- 3rd and 4th

Last order of the school year will be May 31st and June 1st.

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