On Campus Intervento

On Campus Intervento (OIC)

Gli On Campus Intervention Center is located in the H Building, Room H104. OCI handles safety and discipline-related matters at Berkeley High School, including providing intervention counseling, conflict mediation, and restorative justice practices.

OCI staff includes Intervention Counselors, the Dean of Students, Student Welfare & Attendance Specialists, School Safety Officers, a Restorative Practices Coordinator, student peer mediators, and the Berkeley Police Department’s School Resource Officer. OCI staff work in collaboration with the Administrative team.

Student Supports

Students can visit OCI to request help with a variety of issues and concerns including: social / emotional issues, family and relationship problems, conflicts with peers and teachers, bullying, harassment, substance use, or if you just need someone to talk to. If OCI staff can not provide the support you need, they will try to connect you with someone who can.

Incident Reporting

If you or someone you know is the target of intimidation, threats, theft, violence, or any type of harassment, or if you witness an incident or have information relating to an incident, please submit an Incident Statement form to OCI. These forms are available in OCI and can also be obtained from any school administrator or counselor. OCI staff will follow up with you to ensure that you are safe and supported. You may make your report anonymously. Teachers, Personale, and parents can also submit reports to OCI.


When a student’s behavior interferes with teaching and learning, the student may receive a disciplinary referral and be sent out of class for the remainder of the period. Students receiving a referral are required to report immediately to OCI with the assignment/materials from the class they are missing. Teachers are required to notify OCI staff and the student’s parent/guardian within 24 hours if a student has been sent out of class.

Student Discipline and Consequences

When students engage in specific behaviors that violate school expectations, BUSD policies, and/or the state Education Code, the Berkeley High School Discipline Matrix indicates the type of disciplinary action and intervention that typically applies. Consequences are aimed at educating students about the inappropriateness of their behavior, and stopping problematic behavior. Consequences increase in severity as a student continues to engage repeatedly in problem behaviors. Interventions and supports are also provided to help students learn to make better decisions and use appropriate behaviors.

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