Communication Arts and Sciences Overview

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Lead Teachers: Ashley Daly and Max Wheeler

Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) was founded in 1997 by teachers and families who had the goal of tapping into the rich diversity of Berkeley High students to create a heterogeneous learning community of 240 self-directed and independent learners. Distinguished by its focus on critical thinking, social justice, media literacy, and service learning, CAS offers an academically rigorous course of study and trains its students to communicate effectively in both print and electronic media through curriculum built around experiential learning – learning by doing. In addition to traditional forms of expression like fiction, essays, lab reports and research papers, students create their own videos, podcasts and print projects, and they travel to museums, theaters, cultural centers, colleges and to countries like Cuba, Mexico and Viet Nam.

When students commit to the four-year CAS curriculum, they voluntarily give up the safety of homogeneous learning and learn how to communicate, collaborate and excel within a diverse community. The curriculum and the faculty ensure an atmosphere of academic rigor while facilitating and respecting different learning styles and cultural experiences. To excel in CAS, a student must meet the dual challenges of intellectual mastery and effective communication in the classroom and in the larger world.

CAS is ideal for students who want to:

  • Be prepared for a 4-year college or university
  • Learn to build a close community with other students and teachers in a more personal setting
  • Incorporate real world experiences into their high school education
  • Experience hands-on application of all modern communication media and integrate this with academic classes
  • Explore issues of social justice, social change and social responsibility
  • Plan not only for college but for life
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